Monday, June 28, 2010

Arizona Adventures - Human, Demi-Human, and Humanoid Races

As a Dawn of Civilization milleau, there is a less cosmopolitan feel to this campaign. The races are not used to each other's presence, they do not live together, and rarely congregate together.


The main colonizer group are the Aryans. A militaristic warlike group, they seek to aggressively expand their borders and domains. The agricultural community at Tempe is the center of their civilization. Wickenberg and Superior are military forts guarding the entrances into their Valley homeland. Prescott is the armed mining camp providing the resource extraction for their weapons and tools. Their castle in Flagstaff is the source of their lumber economy. They are feudal in organization, with a variety of castes and classes, and they make up the majority of humans in the Arizona region.

The main native group is the Dineh. They are primitive tribal hunter-gatherers. They do not get along well with each other, as they are divided into various warring clans, nor do they get along with the Aryans. They live in small population groups in cliff dwellings near water sources, and are led by warriors and shamans. The occasional lone Dineh can be found in a civilized area, but the Dineh as a whole are more fond of raiding than trading, and hate civlization, technology, and magic.

The Celts can be found scattered throughout the region, but have their one central gathering place at Fountain Hills, with its magnificent magic fountain. The Celts are a druidic people, and live a very low-tech lifestyle close to the land, whereever they are found. They are not aggressive, and generally are the only group to get along reasonably well with the other races in the region. Despite their low numbers and simple lives, they seem to be connected to a much larger network which extends far out of the Arizona region.

The Monmores are also a colonizing group. Their homeland is far to the north, near the legendary Great Salt Lake, but they have two population centers in Arizona: Snowflake and Mesa. They are a highly religious people centered around magnificent temples. They are a polygamous society, with their patriarchs collecting small harems of young women, and their young men sent out into the world as missionary priests to spread the worship of their gods.

The Der-judens are a merchant race scattered throughout the settlements of the region, with their main settlement near Flagstaff. They are an insular people who specialize in the jewel trade, the slave trade, and money lending, but can be found involved in the trade of anything valuable. The Der-juden are generally resented for their gouging practices and overall wealth, and are rumored to be involved in some nefarious way with vampirism and other dark arts. Their trade network appears to extend outside the region of Arizona, but they are loath to share much knowlege with other groups.


The Dwarves are an ancient race inhabiting their underground caverns at Globe and Miami. They view all humans as barbarians, not really appreciating the differences between the various human ethnic groups, but are willing to trade with them when advantageous. Their metalwork, armor making and weaponcraft are the finest in the region, and are highly sought after. Their mortal enemies are the goblins and hobgoblins of the White Mountains.

The Elves of Arizona can be found scattered throughout the forest lands, but are mainly found near their home kingdom of Payson, in the middle of the enchanted forests of the Mogollon Rim area. The Elves are a magical race, both feeding off and sustaining the enchantments of their forest homeland.


Goblin tribes swarm the moutains of southeastern Arizona. They are largely primitive and disorganized. They wage perpetual war against the Dwarves of the region, and make regular scavenging raids against human settlements when the opportunity arises.

Gnolls inhabit the same eastern mountain ranges as the goblins, but their clans tend to congregate in the more northern ranges, especially where the mountains give way to hills and then plains.

Hobgoblin and Orc tribes can be found in large numbers in the rough forests of western Arizona, eeking out a primitive and violent existence in that land of giants and giant creatures.

The ugly miscenginated race of Half-orcs are congregated in their town of Laveen, along the rive banks of the Gila River south of the Phoenix region. The sacred groves of magical fruit trees that were long ago the gift of the gods to the first people, have been overrun by the festering hoards of half-orcs, in what is others call the Orctown Slums.


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I've been finding the Arizona Adventures posts very inspiring. Looking forward to reading more, thanks.

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Cool, thanks, David. I have some extra time now, so they should be flowing with some regularity. I pause every now and then to go into detailed maps and encounter guides, too.