Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sacred Mission of the Tucson Warrior Priests

Tucson is not a town, according to the usual definition of the word. It is essentially a sacred fortification. All the priests of the Aryan gods are required to perform service there as part of their religious training and duties. For it is in service to the Tucson Temple that the fighting spirits of our holy men are hammered into mature steel. The atmosphere there is monastic and disciplined, for, as they say, nothing focuses the mind quite like the threat of immediate, horrible death.

The warrior-priests of Tucson don't simply wait around for our dark enemies to encircle and envelope them. As we have learned through long practice and painful trial, the best defense in the war on the undead is an aggressive and forward offense. Regular patrols sally forth from Tucson, always pressing in upon the evil void that is Tombstone.

We have learned that whatever evil power is based there creating the Dark Hoardes, it is not self-sufficient. Which is to say, it cannot create its undead monsters from scratch, but requires a regular supply of corpses to animate into its undead service. Thus, the mission of Tucson is two-fold: destroy the undead monsters that emanate from that region, as well as prevent them from dragging more victims back to their source. Thus, the clerics of Tucson can be found all throughout the southern deserts, as by protecting the living everywhere, the powers of death are weakened.

The war appears to be going well. Our forays into the Tombstone region penetrate deeper and deeper every year. Our hope is to find the source of the undead armies, and destroy it forever.

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