Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Map of the sentient races in AZ Adventures

As a Dawn of Civilization campaign, the wilds of Arizona have NOT been pacified. In fact, there are a number of biomes that are dominated by non-human sentient species.

The "human advantage" comes from the technology of farming and animal husbandry, which takes place mainly along the irrigated rivers of central Arizona. These are the only places which allow for high density human society, and thus, are the only places where humans reign supreme.

In the dry grasslands, mountains, forests, and deserts, other creatures leverage their natural advantages to be the apex sentients. Note: barbarian humans of the Dineh race live in cliff dwellings throughout the state was well, but they survive as low-density hunter gatherers. Powerful warlords and mages have also been known to carve out lairs in the middle of hostile country, to secure their privacy.

None of these groups is particularly high density, nor are they particularly organized. They are basically disorganized clans and warring tribes of hunters, not kingdoms. PCs passing through those territories can expect regular encounters, but unless they are really digging in and wreaking major havoc, they should not expect large-scale opposition.

Colorado River: Giant territory, as detailed before, extending south from the Grand Canyon as far as Sedona (with Minotaur colony at Bullhead City, of course).

SE mountains and deserts: the Tombstone realm of the undead, as detailed before.

NE dry deserts: Insect territory, with the plains dominated by Mantis-men (Thri-kreen) and the mesas dominated by the Ant-men (Formians).

NE grassy plains/rolling hills trasition zone: Lion-men (Wemic) territory. The Little Colorado divides them from Mantis-men territory, although scirmishes are frequent.

E-central mountains: magical forest, headed by Elves. On the northern edge, Horse-men (Centaurs) and Antelope-men (Hybsil) wage perpetual war with the Lion-men of the transition zone.

E-central mountains below the Salt River: humanoid territory, Gnolls and Bugbears occupy the higher mountain areas, Goblins the lower.

Central river valleys: human territory. Dwarfs occupy mountain homes in the E and NW edges of this region, providing a nice border buffer to the humanoid zones. Halflings can be found in the green valley region on the edge of the Elven forests.

SW desert zone: Kobold territory. Their underground lairs make this region appear to be uninhabited, but woe to the human who finds himself unprotected among the Kobald swarms after the sun falls.

NW mountains: humanoid territory, with Ogre, Hobgoblin, and Orc tribes separated by rivers.

Colorado river delta: the malicious race of Stork-men (Eblis) controlls this wetland region


Daniel "Theophage" Clark said...

As a former resident of AZ, I am really digging this idea. I may just have to steal it!

Justin said...

Right on! I personally find the tying together of mythic imagination with the real geography I see as I drive around, to be really cool.

I find myself scanning local mountain ranges, trying to imagine what monsters would lair there, how a castle would look carved into its face, where would be a good access hole to a megadungeon, stuff like that...