Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Predatory birds of AZ Adventures - the Rocs

The major predatory birds of AZ are the Rocs. There are two major Roc aeries in the state: on the southern coast, where their complex of aeries in the sea-side cliffs is known as Roc Point, and in the north among the cliffs of the Grand Canyon. From these two launching points, Rocs be found in air above the entire AZ region.

From Roc Point, the garganuan birds hunt over both the ocean and the Great Southern Desert. On the landward side, the Thunderherders of the desert sands are one of their favorite meals. The teeming Kobold hoards of the lower Gila River region also provide a plentiful source of snacks for the giant birds.

From the Grand Canyon, Rocs love to hunt the plentiful insects of the northwestern deserts, where the Mantis-men and Ant-men colonies thrive. They also suppliment their diet with sea food from Lake Powell, Lake Mead, and from up and down the Colorado River.

Due to their habit of swallowing prey whole, Roc droppings have been found to contain fabulous treasures. Of course, few people have been brave enough to approach so closely to the Roc's nests as to be able to collect their droppings. Fewer still have been skillful enough to return home safely with their prizes.

Rocs are notoriously aggressive towards anything approaching their nesting areas. While they don't typically treat them as food, even the largest Giants are not safe when approaching a Roc nest. Thus, the treasures contained in the droppings around their nests usually remain an untapped resource, even though their value is highly estimated.

Rocs are clearly the apex creature in the skys. Even dragons typically veer well clear of a full grown Roc, although on at least one occasion, a huge ancient dragon was seen fending off a Roc attack.

Rocs are known to hunt both in the day and at night. Few things are as terrifying as the sight of a hungry Roc flying in at full speed for the attack, but even more unnerving is their skill at night hunting. Silently dropping down at unfathomable diving speeds, out of the darkness of the midnight sky, on unsuspecting prey, the night attack by the Roc is fearsome indeed.

Magical researchers highly value all components of the Roc physiology. Roc feathers, Roc bones, Roc hearts, Roc eyes, pretty much any part of the fresh Roc can be sold for great profit on the magical market. Roc meat is also highly delictable and nutricious, and can fetch a premium price.

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