Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dragon Ecology in Arizona Adventures

Dragons are found in large numbers throughout the Arizona region. Though all dragons seem capable of flight, dragons appear to prefer subterrainean habitats. In fact, our most learned sages hold that dragons have an under-worldly origin, vomited upwards from the fiery regions below.

Whatever evil power is responsible for their original creation we cannot know, but our sages tell of a gigantic queen mother dragon who resides in a fiery pit at the gates of hell far below our world. Seated in her infernal nest, she receives a continual stream of sacrifice from her dragon servants, and births forth a continual profusion of eggs which they carry up and out of her underworld nest, to become the dragon plague upon the upperworld.

Dragon Treasure Hoarding Explained

Dragons everywhere have been characterized by their voracious appetite for treasure, and AZ dragons are no different. It has long been believed that dragons hoarded treasure simply out of their greedy, evil natures. However, recent observations have led our sages to conclude that dragons actually use the treasure as food.

The use of precious metals and gems as food would explain a number of puzzling aspects of dragon behavior.

--Lack of hunting-- Dragons are creatures of massive size and would seem to require an equally-massive food supply, but they are never seen hunting food or eating prey animals.
--Preference for armored knights-- Dragons will ignore a field full of helpless peasants in rags to attack a fully armored knight in plate mail, whom they will never fail to swallow whole if they are able.
--Underground lairs-- Dragons can always be found nosing around and living in underground locations, where they appear to spend most of their time. Dragon claw marks on the walls in these locations used to be interpreted as claw-sharpening, but may actually indicate tunnel-digging as they prospect for their food supply.

Parasitism upon Humans and other creatures

Although capable of digging their own lairs and prospecting their own metals and gems as food, dragons seem to prefer letting other creatures do the hard work for them. Thus, they would prefer to take over a dwarven-dug mine to digging one themselves. They would rather invade a king's well-stocked treasure room, rather than prospecting underground for all the raw metalic alloys.

Because humans and dwarves do such a good job digging mines and creating treasures, it seems that dragons have gotten more reliant upon them, positioning themselves as a predatory of and parasite upon their work. However, in the totally uncivilized outer regions of Arizona, we can still find dragons in their "natural state", forced to dig for their own food in lairs of their own creation.

Canyon de Chelly

A major entrance into the dragon underworld appears to exist in the northeastern part of the state, in the area known as Canyon de Chelly. Swarms of dragons appear to be continually entering and exiting the caves there, usually carrying treasures in and often seen carrying eggs out. The savage Dineh tribal people live in the area unmolested, perhaps owing to their lack of treasure or metal weapons. The secretive Celtic druids appear to have some access to the area, but they are not forthcoming with much free information. Attempts by the civilized Aryans to investigate further have uniformly ended badly thus far. What seems certain is that a great deal of treasure awaits any heroes brave and powerful enough to survive an expedition there.

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