Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Petrified Forest of Arizona Adventures

The Petrified Forest of Arizona Adventures is, plainly described, a forest of stone. The trees are striking in their appearance, being precise stone replicas of real trees. There are also stone animals and humans to be found in naturalistic poses throughout the Petrified Forest.

The entire effect of the stone-dead forest, especially with the wind howling through an otherwise completelyquiet region, is spooky and unnerving in the extreme, and living creatures of all kind avoid the place.

Most mysterious of all, the stone forest appears to have some sort of magical life to it. Trees can be seen in full leaf some times of the year, and with bare branches other times, the ground around them covered with stone leaves. The stone animal and human statues are said to move, appearing in different locations and adopting different poses, although there is no report of anyone ever actually seeing them on the move.

The dreaded race of Stone Giants makes their home in the Petrified Forest, finding their manner of living in that barren rocky environment, tending their cattle (gorgons), their fowl (cockatrice), and hunting the wild lizards (basalisk) of the forest. They appear to be the only variety of living creatures that regularly make their way in and out of the forest. A wicked race of snake-headed women are rumored to inhabit the depths of the forest as well, but their presence has not been confirmed, as the forest is still largely unexplored by humans.

The Petrified Forest is located in the northeastern part of the state, a few days journey east of Flagstaff. The northern trade route, Route 666, skirts the northern edge of the forest for some 20 miles.

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