Monday, January 3, 2011

AZ Adventures Map and Movement

As you can see, AZ offers a rich variety of adventuring locales. Sand dunes, volcano fields, a coast line, major rivers, mountain forests, high altitude alpine regions, canyons, grasslands... AZ has it all.

The low level adventurer would not have access to this map's details, of course. Information would have to be acquired on the fly in most cases, and much of it would be presented to the adventurer as rumors to be pieced together and sorted through.

The human settlements are sparse, so careful trip planning is necessary. As DM, you will be aware of the rough distances between the major settled areas, but the players would certainly not have such information to start with, and would acquire it mainly in units of time, as in "a morning's journey on foot" or "3 days horseback ride distant", that kind of thing. Such information is certainly NOT guaranteed to be accurate, as the PCs might have to learn the hard way.

From the 1e DMG, we have the following guidelines in movement rates, in miles per day:

light burden (under 25 pounds):flat terrain - 30, rugged terrain - 20, very rugged - 10
average burden (26-60 pounds): flat - 20, rugged - 10, very rugged - 5
heavy burden (60-90 pounds): flat - 10, rugged - 5, very rugged - 2

Light horse: flat terrain - 60, rugged - 25, very rugged - 5
Medium horse: flat terrain - 40, rugged - 20, very rugged - 5
Heavy horse: flat terrain - 30, rugged - 15, very rugged - 5
draft horse: flat terrain - 30, rugged - 15, very rugged - 5
cart: flat terrain - 25, rugged - 15, very rugged - 0
wagon: flat terrain - 25, rugged - 10, very rugged - 0

Phoenix to Blythe 150 miles
Phoenix to Mesa 13 miles
Phoenix to Tucson 115 miles
Phoenix to Flagstaff 145 miles
Phoenix to Prescott 100 miles
Phoenix to Buckeye 36 miles
Phoenix to Laveen 14 miles
Phoenix to Wickenberg 53 miles
Buckeye to Gila Bend 33 miles
Flagstaff to Snowflake 115 miles (along rt 666)
Flagstaff to Sin City 250 miles
Flagstaff to Prescott 95 miles
Flagstaff to Canyon de Chelly 200 miles
Snowflake to Canyon de Chelly 100 miles
Blythe to Sin City 230 miles

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