Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Storm Giant Ecology of AZ

The race of Storm Giants is immediately recognizable to the casual observer, given their green coloration, luminous purple hair, and humongous size. They are the largest in stature of all the giant races in Arizona, with many adult males rising up over 20 feet in height. Luckily for humankind, the Storm Giants seem to be generally non-aggressive. It is also to human good fortune that Storm Giants do not generally compete with humans for the same living space, preferring as they do to domicile among the rocky canyon lakes along the Colorado River.

Storm Giants are unique among the giant races for their magical ability. They seem to be connected in some mysterious way with the natural forces of the sea and the air, as they can walk upon the clouds or upon the lake-floor bottom with equal ease. Their racial name comes from the fact that violent storm weather seems to obey their command.

Population concentrations of Storm Giants can be found in Lake Powell and Lake Mead, although they can be found individually up and down the Colorado river, all the way into the Baja Gulf coast around Roc Point. They live in magnificent stone castles, which can be found carved in many fantastic cliff-side locations. They seem to dislike crowding, preferring to live alone or congregating in small family groups.

Storm Giants everywhere display an uncommon friendship with the animal creatures around them. They can be found cavorting playfully with all manner of large beasts, including rocs, griffons, dolphins, whales, and sea lions. They also seem to especially enjoy the company of the Brass Dragons of the Western Wasteland.

Storm Giants take great pleasure in defeating and humiliating the smaller race of Fire Giants, and will always bully and harass them when given the chance. Red dragons, they will simply and methodically slaughter, seemingly as a matter of policy. Other giant and dragon races, and other magical beasts in general, they seem to get along with on even terms. The typical diet of the Storm Giant is based on the giant fish and crustacean species found in the lakes along the river.

Because of their innate magical connection with the water and wind, their various bodily organs are highly prized by magic users for use in magical formulas. Needless to say, these highly intelligent giants take great offense at being targeted for slaughter for the sake of their natural magic, and they are extremely loath to associate with any humans as a consequence. Storm Giants are known to be especially hostile towards Derjuden merchants, who have a history of involvement in the Storm Giant organ trade. The humans who do manage to live and trade along the Colorado River seem to have some kind of deal worked out with them for safe passage and protection.

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