Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Psionic attacks on non-psionics - Psionic Blast

In the 1e DMG rules, the only psionic attack that can be used against non-psionics is the Psionic Blast. I find this a bit arbitrary and inconsistent. After all, the attack modes are Mind Thrust, Ego Whip, Id Insinuation, and Psychic Crush. Doesn't everyone have a mind, an ego, an id, and a psyche? Of course they do. Therefore everyone should be vulnerable in some degree to these attacks.

The main limitation on Psionic attacks upon a non-psionic is that the psionic must have at least 100 strength points in order to affect the non-psionic. This makes perfect sense to me, and will apply to any of the attack modes.

The Psionic Blast is described as a wave of brain force, experienced like "stunning news" to the mind. The attack is a cone-shaped waive of force 1/2" diameter at its source and 2" diameter at its terminus 6" distant.

The saving throws for Psionic Blast attacks on non-psionics is as follows:

psionic attacks on non-psionics

range for psionic blast:
short = 2"
medium = 4"
long = 6"

The effects table is as follows:

Psionic blast effects

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