Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They Walk Among Us - the hidden Dragon Menace

Citizen's Alert - to be Posted in All Pubic Places

As you know, dragons are terrifying and dangerous magical beasts. We need no reminder of their attacks upon our knights, and their constant depredations of our wealth.

Recent discoveries have revealed dragons to be far more terrifying and dangerous than we imagined. Stated plainly, dragons have been found to be walking among us, disguised in human form. Through some magical means, dragons walk among us in our towns, pretending to be human.

As everyone knows, Dragons are motivated by greed, and power. Disguised as humans, they infiltrate our society, to learn of our treasure, and study our defenses, to better attack us.

All citizens are advised to be on the lookout for dragon-ish behavior in their neighbors. Signs of hidden dragon infiltration include unnatural interest in the location of treasure hoards, selfish hoarding of money, secretive behaviors, anti-social attitudes, and hostility to governmental investigation.

If your neighbors are exhibiting any of the above signs, report them immediately to the nearest King's Guards and Keepers of the Peace. With your help, we can eliminate this hidden dragon menace. Thank you.

Adventuring Hooks

The aging King, paranoid and monomaniacal at the best of times, appears to have gone completely mad out of fear of secret dragons, and his paranoia has spread to the terrified citizenry. King's Guards run amok through the city, rounding up political enemies (and their treasures) on suspicion of secret dragon infiltration. Citizen has turned on citizen in a frenzy of paranoid accusation and revenge seeking.

Mobs form suddenly to put anyone accused of dragon infiltration to the immediate test, such as slicing their bellies open to check for swallowed gems, placing them upon bonfires to test for fire resistance, or dropping them repeatedly from towers to check for flying ability...

Anyone from out of town, or anyone seen carrying bags of treasure, is especially prone to accusation, thus making the environment particularly dangerous for adventurers...

PCs stand a 50% chance (3 in 6) per day of being accused of dragon infiltration by a mob if they appear in full gear or carrying treasure in public, a 17% chance (1 in 6) if appearing in public in disguise, and a 33% chance (2 in 6) per day of receiving a visit from the King's Guards at their home based on a tip from an anonymous neighbor.

Mob Accusation (d100, modify with CHA reaction bonus or penalty)
--01-25 enraged mob attempts immediate dragon trial (d6: 1-2 gutting for gems, 3-4 bonfire, 5-6 drop from tower)
--26-50 enraged mob attempts to strip, beat, and turn over PCs for arrest to King's Guards (loss of all possessions and all but 1-6 HPs, ending up in jail for further interogation)
--51-75 enraged mob attempts to strip and beat PCs (loss of all possessions and all but 1-6 HPs, ending up thrown over town wall)
--76+ agitated mob threatens but does not attack PC

King's Guards actions (d100, modify with CHA reaction bonus or penalty)
--01-25 Guards attempt immediate gutting for swallowed treasure
--26-50 Guards confiscate all PC possessions, scorge PC to the bone (only 1d6 HP remaining) during interrogation, and throw PC in jail
--51-75 Guards confiscate all PC money/jewels, threatening scorging and arrest if PC resists
--76+ Guards question PCs but take no action

Dragon Menace hysteria lasts 3-18 days (3d6).

On any given day, 1 in 6 chance of a real dragon being accused, resulting in a dragon battle in town. If PC assists in the battle against the dragon, they will be hailed as heroes, receive a reward from the king, and be free from any further chance of dragon infiltration accusations.


barrataria said...

This is really, really, really great. Thanks for posting.

Justin said...

Thank you for the praise, b. I appreciate the positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

Dragons are no "Bests" and they are not evil. This is their planet. im Hidden dragon disguised in a human body if thats what you like to call it. we didnt Choose to be in theese bodies. we where forced because we had no choice. we all didnt have any choice. Dragons you should respect. Oh yes we have powers and we are angry because we want to Kill the ones who took over this planet. we want revenge because when they came we Did NOTHING. we enslaved ourselfs because we had to. we had to experience this race and learn everything about them so that we dont hafe to go thrue this again. The system is your enemy and the true ones hiding in the human bodies are Bloodsucking creatures that Rule this system. Dont you go hate on dragons without a respectfull reason. What you talk about is nothing more then Bs!

Anonymous said...

Everything you see on the internet about dragons Is and will forever be Bs as long as the internet is controlled by Dragon haters. ;)
Where you find real dragons is in the comments and thats where you see that we are not what you say we are. dragons if you didnt know are the best kung fu artist ever existed and so as Dancers. now how can such an evil dragon you speak of have the Rythm to perform dancing and Self defense based kung fu artists like the very legend Bruce lee ....