Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Devas - Astral and Psionic Monster Profile

Devas are basically angels: golden-skinned, amber-eyed, with white-but-gold-tinted-wings, tall, slender, and graceful, with a charisma effect of 20. 
According to the ancient concept (which I am duplicating in my AZ Adventures milieu), the Heavens were not on "another plane", they were above us, up in the sky.    That is where the Devas live, up in the sphere of the heavens.   Devas will be encountered on earth either physically or astrally.   
Astral Contact
As Devas can astrally project their spirits quickly through the heavens, astral contact will be more common.
In their astral form, they appear to people mainly in visions, especially in people's dream.  People with psychic sensitivity ("whose awareness extends to the ethereal and astral planes") could also see their astral forms while awake.  
Psychic mediums and shamans can also allow the devas to temporarily possess their bodies to deliver messages or do healings.  
While spirit-projected in the astral state, they can engage only in psionic combat, not physical combat.  In certain cases, their special powers could also be applied, but these could only be things that deal with the spiritual realm, not the physical realm, such as Know Alignment or Remove Fear.   
Physical Contact
On occasion, Devas might also physically journey down from the heavens to accomplish some task on earth, in person.   
As they can become invisible, go ethereal, polymorph self, and teleport at will, even while physically present, it might be hard to tell, as they can "come and go like a ghost". 
Even if their physical form is destroyed (which would be quite the trick, given their speed, etherealness, and teleport-at-will abilities), their astral spirit would return to their celestial home.
HD 9+36
attacks: Mace of Disruption: 2 strikes (4-15 +6 dam.)
INT: genius
Magic resistance: 65%, +1 to hit, immune to level drain, soul imprisonment, or death spells
Psionic Ability: 210
attacks: Psionic Blast, Mind Thrust, Ego Whip, Psychic Crush
defenses: Mind Blank, Thought Shield, Mental Barrier
Special Powers:
at will:
detect evil
detect illusion
detect magic
protection from evil
dispel illusion
dispel invisibility
know alignment
polymorph self
read magic
remove curse
remove fear
7x per day:
cure light wounds
detect traps
3x per day:
cure disease
cure serious wounds
1x per day:
blade barrier

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