Friday, May 13, 2011

Grey Ooze, Yellow Mold, Algoid - Psionic plant life

The concept of psi-powered plant life is interesting. The basic idea in all of these cases is that a colony of microscopic plant life has attained some sort of rudimentary sentience.

Following this build-up of mental power, they can unleash a psionic attack. But because of their basic mindlessness, they remain immune to psionic counter-attacks.

Gray Ooze

Semi-sentient subterranean slime.... Can ooze around and lash out like a snake for physical damage. Will react to any use of psionic powers nearby (6" range) with a psionic attack of its own.

Psionic ability: 21-121
attack: Psychic Crush
defenses: immune to psionic attack

Yellow Mold

Semi-sentient mold colonies will attack physically by spore clouds, or psionically if psionic powers are used nearby (2"-12" range).

Psionic ability: 10-100
attack: Id Insinuation
defenses: immune to psionic attack


The algoid is, at base, a psionic colony of algae. It represents a slight advance on previous psionic-slime types because it can also rise up in a humanoid shape to perform physical attacks as well control other plants around them.

Psionic ability: 101-120
attack: Psionic Blast
defenses: immune to psionic attack
special powers: control over nearby trees

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