Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dreaming Gods - license for creative DM'ing

[I was inspired by Quibish's concept of Dreaming Gods, over at his blog Check it out! Here is my take:]

The Dreaming Gods are not physical, manifesting in-your-face gods like the 1e Deities and Demigods (as far as I am concerned we can dispense with them).

The Dreaming Gods are known for their effects: zones of non-reality, as if gods are dreaming, called DreamLand. And you get sucked up into their dream.

--Their dream may be some sort of circus-funhouse-of-death megadungeon... [Rules of physics? What rules of physics?]

--Or maybe when you step into their dream, your characters are suddenly drawn into a game of Monopoly, or a game of Clue!

--Perhaps DreamLand is defined by a movie, or a book!

Be creative, this could get very fun.

Whatever the case is, the normal rules don't apply. Even the standard rolling procedures may need to be modified. [As you draw your +5 Vorpal Avenger, suddenly you are holding a bouquet of yellow roses, a small bee gently buzzing in its petals...]

It is part of the fun and challenge of the game play that your players have to figure out the rules on the fly, while being confronted with the challenges of the game.

The "dream" could even change if the players visited the same location later, or disappear for a time. The wise men say, "The Dreamer has awoken, he is not dreaming now..."

--Perhaps pilgrims wait in that spot, hoping to get caught up in the dream again...

--Perhaps some have emerged battered and insane from the DreamLand...

--Perhaps some disappear while in DreamLand, never to be seen on earth again...

The idea has certain things in common with traditional D&D elements. The classic modules EX1-2, Dungeonland and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, come to mind, as the PCs are transported into Alice's Wonderland.

It also reminds me of sci-fi author Robert Heinlein's book The Number of the Beast, wherein the characters discover that "fictional universes" are actually real.

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