Sunday, April 3, 2011

B is for Baku - A to Z psionic monsters

Yes, the Brainmole is classic and pretty cool, but I'm going with something that has a bit more campaigning potential: the Baku!

The Baku are creatures of the "Guardian/Watcher" genre. They are Good creatures of great power, who typically just hang out and observe things invisibly, waiting to intervene if some great evil should arise. This characteristic can give rise to a tremendous number of cool plot hooks.

Their natural form is like some kind of weird mutated elephant, but the PC would probably never encounter them in that form. At least, not without great dramatic import, like in the midst of a great war against great evil, when the PC's "mysterious helper" suddenly transforms himself in huge elephant/dragon beast and starts kicking major ass.

You see, the Baku is gifted with the psionic power of Shape Alteration, which means it can appear as whatever it wants to. Not to mention Reduction, which, at the 12th level of mastery, means it could get as tiny as a mouse if it needed to. They could also spy on things in astral or ethereal spirit form.

HD 12+12
Magic Resistance: 20%
INT: exceptional to genius
Psionic Ability: 180 + 2d12
attacks: Mind Thrust, Psychic Crush
defenses: Mind Blank, Thought Shield, Intellect Fortress

psionic powers:
Animal Telepathy (12th - with everything but plants)
Body Control (6th - withstand deadly environments up to 6 hd of damage for up to 6 turns)
Body Equilibrium (6th - walk on water & feather fall)
Cell Adjustment (12th - healing and cure disease up to 48 hit points)
Detection of Good/Evil (12th)
Reduction (12th - shrink to flea size)
Shape Alteration (12th - polymorph self to any size)

Other powers:
Invisibility, at will
Anti-Evil Trumpet
Etherealness, at will
Astral Travel, at will


richard said...

Nice. "You are going on a quest to rid the land of ancient evil? You must take this sloth with you. Why? Because one day it will save your life. Besides, it was your father's sloth."

Before I clicked I thought this was going to be about Azerbaijan. Maybe Bakus come from Baku?

Justin said...

ha, funny you mention that, because the first 10 pages of results on google images were beautiful cityscapes.