Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Thought Eater - A to Z psionic monsters

I don't care what anybody says, this is a cool monster. Alright, admittedly, I think the problem is the picture. Some kind of weird flying duck, not exactly epic, yeah, I get that.

But when you consider this thing as an example of a creative, fun, and frankly HORRIFIC monster to throw at your players, well, it is hard to beat. If the duck-image throws you off, just change it so it looks like some bad-ass little demon-looking thing. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it is invisible in the ethereal state anyway.

--Imagine your spells just being eaten in midair... Could be a real disaster in the middle of a battle...

--Then, your head starts to get woozy and you go all glassy eyed as this thing starts feeding on your mental energy...

If you can turn ethereal, you can just wack these things to death (since they have AC 9 and no physical attacks). But if you can't turn ethereal, you could be in for a real rough time.

It has an emaciated look because, like the Githyanki, it is a physical being which spends most of its time in an ethereal state. Like the undead (and probably the Githyanki to a limited degree), it eats the spirit energy of living creatures.

Any psionic or psionic-like powers attract their attention. It will consume psionic and magical power first, and feed directly on someone's INT points if it doesn't get enough psionics or psionic-like magic energy

--Psionic-like magic is considered 5 psionic points per spell level;
-- 1 INT point equals 10 psionic points.
-- it will need to eat 101-200 psionic points before it breaks of its attack (10-20 INT points, yikes!)

You definitely want to add these nasties to your encounter tables, even if you don't have psionics per se, because they are attracted to the psionic-like magic too.

HD: 3
INT: non

Psionic ability: nil


The Jovial Priest said...

Silly picture but I remember it well and fondly.

Justin said...

I don't think I ever used one, or encountered one, when I was a kid. But I use them now!