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L is for Lolth - A to Z psionic monsters

Lolth is a well-known demoness, hardly needing introduction. Chaotic evil spider/Drow goddess, the star of her own old school module, Queen of the Demonweb Pits. The premise of that module is interesting, but invading her extra-planar lair is a bit much more most campaigns. Using a little creativity, she can be integrated a bit more seamlessly into your campaign.

Spider Invasion scenario

Imagine the local forest suddenly being overwhelmed by huge webs. Perhaps the local Elf clans send envoys asking for assistance... Perhaps the local human authorities investigate on their own.

The deeper you get in the forest, the more webs and spiders appear... Strange "dark elves" also seem to be afoot...

At the center of the forest-disturbance lies an old temple... Demonic creatures patrol the ground... A pit or cave leading underground...

Somehow, a gate down to Hell has been opened, and Lolth is staging an invasion... She seems to be intent on establishing a lair on the upper world... Our brave heroes need to shut that gate, before it is too late...

CHAOTIC Evil Alignment

The Vault of the Drow classic module was a tour de force of Underdark mapping and scenario building. I only have one big problem with it: the Drow are supposed to be chaotic. I found that the complex hierarchical society of the Drow depicted therein to be just a bit too lawful....

In my mind, a Drow society would NOT be organized that well, and the Spider Invasion scenario described above would not be well organized. I don't imagine chaotic evil armies forming. More like, a chaotic evil horde makes its way haphazardly around... With a certain amount of in-fighting and a decided lack of organization marking their progress.
HD: 16 (66hp)
attacks: 1 poisonous bite (4-16) and 1 web strand (1-4)
Magic resistance: 70%
INT: godlike

Psionic ability: 266
attack/defense: All/All

Psionic disciplines (16th level)
Minor: body equilibrium, clairvoyance, domination,
Major: dimension walking, mind bar, molecular rearrangement, probability travel

Special powers:
In spider form only:
at will:
comprehend languages
confusion (by gaze)
darkness, 10' rad
dispel magic
3x per day:
Heal self
2x per day:
phase door
read magic
shape change
1x per day:
gate (66% chance): type 1 (45%), type 2 (35%), or type 3 (20%) demon
summon spiders: 9-16 large (20%), 7-12 huge (30%), 2-8 giant (40%), 1-4 phase (10%)
true seeing

While in Drow form:
16th cleric/14th magic user (but no psionic powers):

Cleric spells per day (all spells available):
7th level - 1; 6th - 3; 5th - 5; 4th - 6, 3rd - 7, 2nd - 7, 1st - 7

Magic User spells per day (all spells available):
7th level - 1, 6th - 2, 5th - 4, 4th - 4, 3rd - 5, 2nd - 5, 1st - 5

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