Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Ustilagor - A to Z psionic monsters

Ustilagor.... what can we say... not exactly a classic old-school monster... To tell you the truth, before this article, I had no idea what this even looked look, having never heard of it.

From the "semi-sentient fungus" files, it looks kinda like a brain which can scuttle around like a crab... with caustic alkaline (not acid!!!) tendrils that can whip you in the face. Definitely a creative concept.

While not huge game-changers for a campaign, they definitely provide another interesting random monster encounter for the psionic adventure.

I get the definite impression these things would exist in a symbiotic relationship with some other more-intelligent monsters. Perhaps they are created or cultivated by Mind Flayers, Aboleths, Duergars, or Githyanki as some sort of guardian pets. [Later editions turned this thing into an Intellect Devourer larva... I'm not sure I'd go in that direction.]
HD: 3+3
attacks: 1 tendril slap (2-5 damage + caustic alkali)
INT: n/a

Psionic Ability: 155-180
attacks: Id Insinuation
defense: Mind Blank + immune to all but Psionic Blast

Psionic powers:
Telempathic projection: hate or distrust for associate, fear of fungi, loathing of area, uncertainty
Energy control

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