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Psionic Warrior class for player characters

[There is no Q psionic monster, so I am going to interrupt the A to Z psionic monster list to print out a nice playable template for the Psionic class. If you enjoy incorporating psionics in your campaign, going all out with a Psionic Warrior class player character is really a fun way to do it.]

Psionic Warrior Class

Ability Restrictions, Experience Points, and Hit Points

As in the old school 1e, the prime traits of the Psionic are INT, WIS, and CHA. In order to progress down the path of the Psionic Warrior, the PC must start with minimum scores of 13 in each of those traits, with a 16 in at least one of them.

Due to his regular training in the psionic discipline of Body Weaponry, the Psionic progresses physically and martially on the same pace as the Cleric class (gaining 1d8 HP per level, and using the Cleric combat table).

However, the exacting nature of his studies means that the Psionic Warrior uses the Magic User XP table for advancement, and acquires weapon proficiencies at the same rate as Magic Users (1 per five levels)

Armor & Weapons

For hand-to-hand melee combat, the Psionic Warrior is required to rely on his Body Weaponry discipline (i.e., no melee weapons).

Psionic Warriors are allowed to use light missile weapons (darts, sling, throwing dagger). These weapons are extremely effective in their hands, as they are given subtle telekinetic guidance (+1 to hit per level, +0.5 points damage per level, 1 psionic strength point expended per throw). [Thus, for example, a 10th level Psionic Warrior throwing darts is +10 to hit and +5 damage, as his darts always seem to be thrown with great force and find their mark in deadly places.]

The Psionic Warrior is prohibited from wearing any armor, and always seeks to carry the absolute minimum encumbrance possible (even scrimping on necessities like food, water, and blankets, relying on his mental disciplines instead).

Class Skills

--Sensitivity to psionic power and psionic-like spells, range of 3'' per level – gained at 1st level
--Blind combat: no penalty fighting while blinded, versus invisible opponents, or in darkness – gained at 2nd level
--Immunity to surprise – gained at 3rd level

Starting Disciplines

All Psionic Warriors start out with the following psionic powers at 1st level:

--Body Weaponry
--Mind Over Body.

Starting Psionic Ability Points

Roll d100, adding 1 point to the total for each point of INT, WIS, and CHA score above 12. In addition, if 2 of these scores are above 16, the number of points is doubled, and if all 3 scores are above 16, the number of points is quadrupled. The base score (1-100) plus bonuses (1-72) are added together. The total is the psionic strength of the individual, the strength for attack and for defense. Psionic ability is double psionic strength (10-344). One–half of psionic ability is attack strength, one-half is defense strength.

Additional Psionic Ability Points per level

1d12 (maximum of 344 points)

Acquisition of Psionic Combat techniques (by level)

1st - Mind Thrust, Mind Blank
2nd - Ego Whip, Thought Shield
3rd - Id Insinuation, Mental Barrier
4th - Psychic Crush, Intellectual Fortress
5th - Psionic Blast, Tower of Iron Will

Acquisition of New Psionic Disciplines

At each new level, roll d20 for the new psionic powers gained:

01-02 none
03-12 1 minor discipline
13-19 1 major science
20 1 minor discipline and 1 major science

Choose from the list of psionic powers, or roll randomly.

Special Psionic Warrior Class Powers

At the indicated level, the following powers are gained. Powers are usable one per round, once per day. Starting at 8th level, powers are usable twice per day, and at 15th level, powers are usable thrice per day:

2nd – Detect Lie
3rd – Locate (object/animal/plant/person)
4th – Jump or Protection from Normal Missiles
5th – Charm Person/Mammal/Monster
6th – Paralyzation
7th – Spectral force or Hallucinatory Terrain
8th – True Seeing
9th – Forget
10th – Commune (with dead, with divine, with nature)
11th – Mass Charm or Mass Suggestion
12th – Antipathy/Sympathy
13th – Phantasmal killer
14th – Geas
15th – Disintegrate

(Effects of these powers are as of the spells of the same name. No verbal, somatic, or material components are required.)

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