Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E is for Elemental Princes - A to Z psionic monsters

The Elemental Princes are some kind of arch-deities of their respective elemental planes.   The 1e MM alludes to a "boss" of each elemental type, and these characters are statted out in the FF. 
20 hd Elementals,  genius-level intelligence, highly-magically resistant, extremely low AC, high-damage dealing, evil-minded embodiments of the natural forces.  These are bad ass monsters. 
Now add powerful psionic packages.  We are talking demi-god powered evil monsters here. I postulate that these beings are the "gods" prayed to, by druids and shamans, for powers related to "elemental magic".   
I prefer my "embodied gods" like in Conan 2, when they attempt to summon that god, but it all goes awry when the virgin is not sacrificed.    Sure, it's a god and all, and everyone is all like "ahhhh, run", but Conan defeats the thing!    This is quite unlike the Deities and Demigods vision of gods, with 400 hp, 20th level in all classes, 360 psionic strength points, powers that are available "at will" with no savings throw...  Come on, throw me a bone here!  The Elemental Princes are like that god in Conan 2, strong, but defeatable. 
These Elemental Princes are basically the gods of nature.  Imagine some wacked-out priest, attempting to gate them into the local milieu... what a blessing, no? Or imagine an ambitious magic user attempting to extract some power from one of them... But suddenly he loses control, and the thing starts rampaging! 
I also postulate that these things could be in the middle of any extreme weather condition or natural disaster.  Along the lines of the ancient concepts of religion, these intelligent beings are at the CAUSE of powerful weather/elemental events.  They don't live on some "plane" far distant, they live here in the world, directing the natural forces of the planet.  
As elemental powers, they would not usually be concerned with humans.  They spend most of their time causing earthquakes, typhoons, volcanos, floods, and freezes.   A human who was "out in the elements" at that moment might encounter them, or someone could go looking for the Elemental Princes out in those elements. 
Or: A great Hero might be called upon to "save civilization" by ridding the land of one of these things.  Can't you just imagine the scene: "Be gone, Cryonax, go back to your northern wasteland, you are not welcome here!" 
Stats given in this order: Princes of Cold/Fire/Earth/Water/Air
Psionic Ability: 200/190/185/210/220
Psionic attacks/defenses: All, All
Magic resistance %: 75/85/85/70/90
Common Powers
at will: Detect Invisibility, Dispel Magic, Infravision, Know Alignment, Suggestion, Teleportation, Telepathy
3x per day: read languages, read magic
1x per day: Telekinesis (600 pounds)

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