Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Phoenix - A to Z psionic monsters

The Phoenix bird, as written up in the 1e MM2, is quite possibly the APEX monster of Good alignment. Naturally, it would only be used in some high-level situations, especially against great demonic forces.

It is interesting to note that the Phoenix has the ability to polymorph self, 3x per day. Thus is added great role playing potential, as there is no guarantee the players would recognize the creature when they encounter it.

In AZ Adventures, there is a Phoenix aerie in central AZ, giving its name to the Phoenix settlement. The Applied Spellcasting University towers were built nearby to befriend and study this powerful creature, and it has a positive relationship with the head wizard located there. [Fawkes and Dumbledore, you say? Perhaps, but imagine Fawkes not as a pet,, but far more powerful than Dumbledore, and play that scenario out.]

HD: 20
attacks: beak or talons (2-12 or 1-8/1-8)
magic resistance: 50% (+3 or better weapons to hit)
INT: Genius

Psionic Ability: powers (see below), but no ability points
attacks/defences: immune to all attacks

Psionic powers:

at will:
astral travel

3x per day:
Energy control
Molecular agitation

1x per day:
Cell adjustment (20th level -- 100 hp max.)

1x per week:
Probability travel (10th level)

Special powers:

at will:
affect normal fires
audible glamer
control temperature, 10' rad
continual light
cure light wounds (limit twice per person per day)
cure disease
dancing lights
detect charm
detect evil
detect magic
dispel illusion
dispel magic
find traps
fire charm
fire shield
improved invisibility
produce fire
remove curse
remove fear, 10' radius
snake charm

3x per day:
color spray
heat metal
polymorph self

1x per day:
call woodland beings
duo dimension
find the path
fire quench
fire seeds
fire storm
neutralize poison
wall of force

1x per week:
incendiary cloud

in extremis:
double-strength fire storm/incendiary cloud

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